Wander More, Worry Less

In a year filled with a hyperbole of fear of emminenat death by a world wide pandemic, it is important to remember there are more ways than one of dying. We must work as vigurously in keeping good, clean mental health as we do in staying safe and sanitized through this pandemic. Yes I said it! Wether wandering about the woods on a camping trip or wanderlusting on an airplane to a beach destination, or bucket list road trip you've been putting off do to work or our never ending busy lifestyle and schedules this is it guys! This is your time to start checking off items on that bucket list. Studies show that over eighty percent of people in their death beds when asked whats the one thing they wish they did before they died say traveling. Adventure feeds the soul, wanderlusting clears the mind of clutter. I myself have struggled so much in so many ways this year. But after a long break from this blog that I love do to this crippling fear of death I return to you in fear of not living, of letting my soul die.

So if you like me could use a bit more motivation, more fire in your soul, a bit less mindclutter; take that road trip, ride that train, fly to that destination while being mindful and safe. Wander my friends, feed your soul, cleanse your minds.

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