San Juan | A Long Weekend in Paradise

Discovering a holiday gem in Condado, San Juan U.S.

When a good friend invited me to join her annual tradition in San Juan with my family it was an offer very difficult to resist, so ofcourse I said yes.  What I did not expect was to be wowed by Condado.  Having been in Puerto Rico many times before, I assumed I knew the area very well.  I was delightfully surprised by the cultured yet very Americanized beauty that is the strip of Ashford Avenue in Condado, San Juan. 

Not only are most major hotels on Ashford Avenue, but you can find local to fine dining. From authentic traditional Puerto Rican food to Mediterranean restaurants that will serve you the best home made hummus and Turkish coffee hands down. 

It was a breath of fresh air to learn that it’s beautiful beach is not only for the tourist to explore, but it’s completely open for the use of locals as well.  It’s crashing waves along with the sunlike beaming mood, harmonized by the bird chipping like sound if the coqui frogs makes a walk on the beach an absolute must!  I’m told that in summer the turtle eggs hatching is quite the site for the eyes. 

Lá plasita, is said to be by the locals a necessary detour where one can enjoy live music, great company and mouth watering food.  

It all was an unforgettable experience that I highly recommend.  See you soon Isla Bonita!

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