Stop Getting In Your Way

How many times have you had that crazy ass day at work or home that makes you scream screw it! I need to quit this for a few days rejuvenate on some beautiful carribbean beach and just take a mental break from all of it. Then you go home, play that sweet jam as loud as your speaker possibly can, have a glass or two or three of wine, get sleep come back to that same job or situation and never actually follow threw with your very own promise to yourself. A decision that yes while in desperation came from you.

This can only mean that somehow you have convinced yourself that job, company, organization, family need you and can't exist without you because you are indespensable. Well yes, these things are all true, they do need you...however no one is indispensable and everyone is replaceable. How good will you be to anyone if you are sick, if you have a stress related breakdown or heart disease? Of no use whatsoever and guess what? Your replacement will be at your desk/home before you even walk out that door and right then and there you will realize that you are replaceable, only it will have been too late.

Take the vacation, go to that turqouise beach, let the sun hit your face, take a deep breath and smile. Do it for you, because you deserve it. Do this and I promise you not only will be better company and asset to everyone else, but to yourself as well. Be kind to your soul, take the trip.

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