Meet Efren | Yucatán Native

On my travels I love to enjoy it all, the adventure, thrilling activities like parasailing, the luxury of a good spa treatment and visiting local attractions. Most of all I enjoy meeting the people, seeing the town, shopping at local markets, eating regional food, listening to stories, learning the culture and food of the people and town I visit. While in Mexico last week, I had the pleasure of meeting Efren. He is one of the waiters at my favorite quesadilla spot, La Isla at the Marriott in Cancun. Efrén was always very tentative, and ready to strike a conversation. A Yucatán native, Efren moved to Cancun for work, but longs for moments to visit his parents in Yucatán and share memories and traditional meals with his loved ones. As I ordered my daily mimosa with freshly squeezed orange juice on the beach, Efren took notice in our love for spicy foods and habaneros. I took the liberty to ask Efren how exactly do locals like to make their habanero and he was more than happy to share the recipe with us and all of you wonderlust filled friends. Efren explained, that the sauce is called "Habanero al Tostado". A traditional recipe in Yucatán, Mexico. This recipe is composed of habaneros, lemon, salt, pepper and water. Begin by wraping the habanero in aluminum foil, grill it for ten minutes. Once grilled, place the habanero in a spice/herb grinder and crush it with lemon juice. Add salt and pepper to taste and a little drop of water and listo! You have Yucatán toasted habanero sauce. Thank you Efren for sharing your mom's delightful family toasted habanero sauce recipe with all of us! EAT WELL, TRAVEL OFTEN

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