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Foodie's adventure heaven awaits in Cancun. When traveling abroad we are presented with so many dining options. We can choose to be resort bums and dine by the pool or resort restaurants. Some of us would rather opt for eating regional food where the locals would. And others would much rather opt for fine dining in a formal, luxury setting. Whatever your preference, this Cancun guide is sure to provide you with your best option.

If you opt for regional food that is authentic and will give you a true taste of Mexico, then Mr. Habanero at market 28 is your to go spot. This local quaint restaurant is air conditioned, has great service and provides a great variety of regional Mexican food. When you walk in to Mr. Habanero you will receive a warm welcome by a jovial waiter. The server always keeps the salsa, colorful chips and habanero dip coming. When ordering, You will be bestowed with assorted options for seafood that are beautifully displayed by the waiter before hand. I ordered the fried fish and was amazed. The aroma reached our table way before the food arrived. When taking a bite out of the perfectly fried skin and chewing into the soft, lightly seasoned fish meat it was clear to me then that I had trully made the right choice by opting to dine at Mr. Habanero. This dish is sure to have you reach culinary orgasm. I can still taste the coriander and ancha spiced in my lips.

The tequila museum is next door to this local eatery. It goes without saying that this restaurant provides the best variety of tequila at the most affordable cost. The average price for dining per person at Mr. Habanero is $20-$30 U.S. dollars with tequila included.

After enjoy Mr. Habanero's delicious food, you can enjoy shopping for gifts or jewelry at an amazing shop right by the entrance of Mercado 28. These local shops and artist sell a variety of gifts that are very affordable. Many indigenous Mayan entrepreneur women sell their hand made work at market 28. The prices of these vendors items ranged from $1-$5 U.S. dollars. Buying from these indigenous women will also help support the indigenous village economy. Urban areas of Mexico have over ten million indigenous people.

If fine dining is more up your alley, and you want to try good Mexican fusion food, visit Porfirio's Restaurant. This exclusive fine dining restaurant offers an impressive variety of local wine, tequila and seafood.

This restaurant is sure to be worth every penny, the service is outstanding. With a dual waiter style of fine dining - captain and server - Joaquin and Henry were great, they went above and beyond to ensure our experience was nothing short of perfection. It was my first time experiencing this style of waitering, but I have to admit it is impressive to watch the team work and it does translate into faster, more personalized dining experience.

If you're not a huge meat eater, Porfirio's offers a great variety of exotic seafood. The octopus was my favorite dish. The display was impressive and immaculate. For dessert the churro cart is a must. Displayed in a miniature churro cart that will be sure to transport you into a Snapchat, Tweet frenzy. This churro cart comes with four different dipping sauces. The average cost per person to dine at Porfirio's is $50-$60 U.S. dollars with wine and dessert.

For the hotel junkie who wants an amazing dining experience at the comfort of a resort, I highly recommend Mikado. I know, this is not Mexican cuisine, however this Japanese spot has a great variety of sushi from eel to your tipical california rolls. They also offer the option of habachi for families traveling with young ones.

If you're looking for the perfect quesadilla I highly recommend you stay at the CasaMagna Marriott and order the shrimp quesadilla at the pool or by the beach restaurant with a perfect turquoise oceanfront view. This dish comes with the habanero crushed pepper sauce on the side, with a flavor explosion that is to die for this was my personal brunch favorite my entire stay in Cancun. Efren, our dinamic and tentative server was our go to guy for excellent service. The average cost for brunch or lunch at La Isla is $10-$15 U.S. dollars per person. Made with regional fresh panela cheese on a freshly baked corn tortilla with shrimp freshly caught in the carribean sea off the Gulf of Mexico. The aroma alone will make you want to come back for more at La Isla.

"Eat More, Travel Often."

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