Be a Tourist | Act Like a Local

Travel to that destination you have been promising yourself you would get to at some point in life; let your hair down, enjoy the town all while being safe and not becoming a target, or getting mugged. When traveling always dress in comfortable clothing, don't overdo the ensemble, do not draw attention to yourself. Research, research, research... look up what the fashion is like locally, what the season and weather will be at your time of travel. Google map the hottest eateries locals love. Learn a new language, try to learn phrases in the regional language to have basic communication skills (downloading duo lingual and other translation apps counts). Smile, don't frown or seem confused, walk with confidence, like you belong. If you need to look at a map or check out your favorite travel apps to get your bearings have a seat at a local park or sitting area or go to a local brewery or coffee shop where you can sit back and take your time while enjoying local food, culture, a beer/wine and the local social scene.

Leave the fanny pack at home! My favorite travel gadget is my cotton tote bag. Yes, a simple five dollar tote bag from Primark is to me the universal handbag for travel. So feel free to leave your Loui at your hostel, hotel or airbnb. Keep your wallet close, a wrist wallet is one of my favorites. Wrist wallets help you keep your passport card, cash and credit cards safe and close while traveling in areas with high pick pocketing statistics. You can purchase a wrist wallet on Amazon. Flaunt those killer shades you got at Target or Marshall's that will slay. Not only will you add your own sense of fashion to your local look, but it will add confidence to your look. Most importantly enjoy yourself, you've finally made that trip you have been slaving yourself at work for or have finally got the cojones to take that spontaneous solo or family getaway you've always dreamed of and made it a reality today.

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