Addicting Travel Hacks For The Perfect Weekend Getaway | Anna's Wonderlust

Whether you're looking to getaway from the office, seeking a romantic weekend getaway or just some solo time in paradise; follow my travel hack formula and you're sure to be please with your savings and amazed with your destination and stay on a perfect holiday or weekend getaway.

Travel Dead Zones

Take advantage of travel dead zone dates to book your holiday. It's a rule of thumb that the first two weeks of December and the last two week so January are travel dead zones. In addition, if you book your flight for a Tuesday or Wednesday you're most likely to get the cheapest deal available.

Night Owl Bookings

Book your hotel room via phone after 6pm and you're most likely to get a large percentage off your room rate. At this time of night, most hotels have inventoried what rooms have been booked and what their vacancy rate is and are most likely to reduce their price and negotiate a deal to fill their empty rooms and make some profit before the end of the day.

Always Ask for an Upgrade

When traveling always request for an upgrade. Hotels, airlines, car rental companies they all are able to offer upgrades if they are hight in their inventory. The worst that can happen is that they say now and the best that can happen is to be upgraded from a $100 standard room to a Penthouse Suite!

Sign Up for Airline Offers

Many airlines like JetBlue, offer special last minute travel deals to their email subscribers. However, Sprirt Airlines has taken it a step further wit their $9 fare club. For a yearly fee of $59.99 and monthly due of $9 a month you an take advantage of excellent deals as low as $50 for round trip flights in the states to destinations such as Myrtle Beach.

Always dare the travel addict in you and explore more. Follow my travel hack formula and you're sure to travel more often, fill your life with meaningful adventures and wander all walks of this earth.

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