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This app will give you a full list of all airlines that travel to your chosen destination from your location, providing a full list of options by lowest to highest available prices. It also queries available deals by non stop and multiple stop flights, by airline. Additionally, cheapoair provides listings of deals at near by airports. This awesome app enables you to choose more flexible dates for a better deal as well. Thanks to this app I was able to go on my dream euro trip last year.


When searching for the best hotel deals this is your site! You can query by stars and your budget. For example I can search for a three star hotel with a budget of $80 dollars in a chosen town/city internationally. The site will then provide me with a list of all three star hotel by prices in the area and a map of the areas this hotel will be in. Not always will you be able to see the name of your hotel when you book it, but most times you will be pleasantly surprised. Gotta love a sweet deal!


Hopper will show you a years calendar of available dates color coded by price range . It will also keep track and send you alerts when prices drop on your desired travel dates. Not only will this app tell you your current deal options but it will help you plan out your vacation/ travel dates according by price range. If you're an adventure seeker like moi, you can even dare to search several locations and just choose to go the most affordable one or remote one. Hopper is on the spot! Highly recommended by a friend, this app is a keeper.


When traveling solo or on a budget or with adults only hostelling it may be your best choice to stay within your travel budget. I've used hostelworld to stay in different areas of Europe and it worked beautifully. The awesome part of staying in a hostel when traveling solo is that you can link up with a group there to travel by day or visit night clubs together. Most hostels also offer very affordable lunch or dinner options. Depending on how many roommates you are willing to have you can pay anywhere from $25 to $60 per night. The more roommates the cheaper your stay. Hostelworld will provides your with a list of reviews and most times photos of the location.


Not only will this app help you navigate your way around unfamiliar territory, but it can also guide you to local eateries, entertainment and retail. Google maps has a new feature that allows explorers and adventure seekers to view reviews of any location as well as its affordability. I use it all the time and highly recommend it.

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