Seal Beach, California: An Affordable Family Friendly Travel Must

A very safe, clean, fun family friendly beach town with it's cute Seal Beach Pier Playground kids are sure to have a blast. The playground is on the beach and displays awesome tiled art created by local kids making it very welcoming and enjoyable for the little ones. Although the playground equipment is a bit dated, your young ones are sure to enjoy this part of Seal Beach very much. A disclaimer, no seals have actually been spotted at Seal Beach since about 1920 according the the lifeguard on duty that day, but the this pacific ocean gem is still worth your time. Great for surfing and seeing some cool and pretty large sized waves crash on the shore is an experience in itself. There is also an entire business strip by the pier filled with delicious eateries, shopping options and some cool local characters. I highly recommend Pierside Press This small take-out restaurant offers the most amazing pressed sandwiches and a very large and crafty variety! Seal beach is sure to give any family a fun filled beach day with a unique California twist at a very affordable price from $0-$50 depending on your family size and what you you choose to do locally. The beach has no admission fee and parking is metered ($1 per hour or so) on the beach, one can also try to find free street parking in town to avoid paying for parking on the beach.

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