Work Hard, Play Hard

The excitement... just hours away from arriving in Los Angeles, California. After working a double shift last night at work I am so exhausted, but if you wanna play hard, you gotta work hard. This trip is specially meaningful to me since I get to go on my very first Wonderlust Adventure with my family. Very excited to visit Anaheim, San Diego, Tijuana, LA and Malibu.

In Los Angeles among other things I look forward to visiting the sunken city is what remains of a landslide that happened eighty-five years ago, where a very large area of land on the coast began sliding into the sea. Thankfully, all the area residents got out safely, but a few of the old bungalow homes went crashing into the ocean.

San Diego, we've been looking forward to so dearly! Can't wait to try as many of their famous food trucks at possible, check out Coronado Island and the secret sea cave of cabrillo national monument. With it's secret gem, home of one of the most beautiful caves in the U.S. Here go!

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