How To: Explore Costa Brava Under 30 Euros

As I explored Barcelona, Spain and learned so much about culture and the arts, I layed out my map and thought when will be the next time I get the opportunity to travel to Europe? Barcelona was wonderful to me, but what else is out there? Where else can my wanderlust filled adventure take me in one day? I didn't know the answer to my questions, but what I did know was that I wanted see and venture on to as much and as far as I possibly could. I wanted to continue to learn and explore more of Europe's rich cultural history, natural beauty; but I also wanted to learn more about the outer towns/villages. I didn't know what could or would present itself in our journey that is life and when that next time would actually happen for me. This is when I made the call to just do it. To just go! So I decided to take the train to the Southeast Spain and France border and boy that was the best decision I could have made.

It cost me 27 Euros for a round trip EuroRail ticket to the southeast border of Spain and France and it's the best 27 Euros I spent my entire trip. This was truly a breathtaking, astonishing, life changing experience! At first it was very confusing, back home in the United States I had planned to go directly to Collioure, France but I didn't know the exact details of the railway system, exact stops and/or transfers. As I spoke to a very patient costumer service attendant at Barcelona Sants Railway Station, she explained that I would have to make several transfers once I arrived in France to get to Collioure Beach since each country has its own local railway system, turns out Cerbere Beach was my first stop in France. Because it was more economical and logistically reasonable I decided to stop at Cerbere instead. It was very unsettling, just taking a train to a place I had not researched or seen online or planned to attend but I just went for it; it was my last full-day in Europe and I intended to make the most of it.

Cerbere was a hidden gem found by complete accident or simply fate and I am so glad I found it. This quaint beach town right on the Mediterranean Sea of Costa Brava is filled with color, life and amazing culture. But this ticket buys you so much more, you can literally walk, bike or ride the train (for just one euro) back one stop to Portbou, Spain, yet another amazing little gem in the Costa Brava shore. A very progressive, smaller town with a rich and vibrant downtown area offers just as amazing a view and a very friendly open minded crowd.

Exploring Costa Brava when in Barcelona is a must! Grateful and thankful for this unplanned, magical experience. I took many photos and have shared them with you in my photo gallery, but any traveller or travel blogger will surely agree with me when I tell you this is something you must experience yourself. The photos and videos are amazing but no where need the same to see, feel and breath the mediterranean sea yourself. Just do it, brake those chains of the day to day and do something adventures and out of the ordinary. Visit Costa Brava and it will change your life. The world is so much smaller than we think.

Cerbere, France - Costa Brava

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