Thank You Barçelona

Planning mode it is! I have spend the past few weeks purchasing the right products needed for my Barcelona Adventure and planning out the details. Mentally preparing myself for the excitement of it all. I am sharing with you guys my must haves and most of my planning experiences for this adventure via v-logs on my YouTube channel

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I’ve also spent a few weeks photo shooting different areas, landscapes to test out which lenses would work well or best for buildings, water bodies, portraits and its been pretty amazing. I think everyone traveling abroad should try this! I cannot say how many awful vacation photos we have of beautiful places. You spend so much time planning and get the best gadgets but if you don’t practice and learn all the tricks and useful tools of your electronics you truly will not get that image you wanted in the first place. I'm also learning that I don't have to get the most expensive items out there to have a comfortable stylish look for my travels. I've been spending so much time at my local Marshals and other stores and finding amazing deals.

I plan to enjoy my adventure whole heartedly and I truly have fallen in love with it! I enjoy writing in a way I haven’t since a little girl. Life at times has a way of tarnishing dreams and life goals as much as being amazing. I remember sitting as a little girl in my dad’s farm in the Dominican Republic writing poems, writing ideas of what I wanted to do and be as an adult. Then my parents separated very abruptly and my childhood filled with dreams, joy and a strong sense of security suddenly became a fight for survival…It's all a very long story... But I now understand how my secure space out of no where was non existent and that it effected me deeply and made me leave a big part of my shining soul in that farm, in that amazing place; but my mother-in-law's strength and this trip are teaching me that it is time to move on. Writing was liberating to me, starting this blog has truly brought Annamaria back to Anna. I feel myself in a way I haven't in decades, true to me, true to what and who I am, confident and true to my soul! Barcelona in a very strange way you are helping me move forward, teaching me to leave hurt behind and to learn from the past and never look back! Thank you Barcelona for reigniting this fire in my soul!

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