Wonder To Nourish a Soul  

I'm a Anna, well Annamaria.  My friends have managed to change my name and honestly I don't blame them, its too damn long.  Born to parents who traveled at least twice a year and a child who attended three different high schools in three different countries I fell in love with traveling.  The entire experience, the plane ride, the wonderful, the colorful places we visited, the people and how ways of life varied so vastly, even the uncertainty of the unknow excited me.  I remember fighting with my brother over the window seat on the airplane rides so that I could gaze at the skies for hours.  I'd just gaze endlessly, wondering what lands we were flying over their culture, the people...the land.


My parents asked me at a very young age what I wanted to be when I grew up I told them I wanted to be a flight attendant.  Believe it or not I dreamt of it almost every night as a kid, seeing myself land in a brand new place almost everyday it was beautiful.  I remember my parents reaction as if it were today... you are NOT going to be a flight attendant we forbid you and well, that was that I never pursued it.  Then, well life happened and responsibilities only grew to be larger.  I've done it almost all for a living, meaningful things, I've fought for eco justice in urban areas, I've worked in politics I've also worked in clothing stores, in supermarkets, in health care, fast food restaurants as a hight school kid, done it almost all.  All except what my soul really craves, travel.   


Today I am a brave and proud momma, I'm an aunt, I'm a daughter, I'm a sister, I'm a friend and wife of a husband who always supports my dreams. Now I am ready to be me, ready for self discovery and new and unknown experiences and adventures.  I am prepared to let that little girl's dream come true...  I open my heart and soul to the world and to all the culture, arts, foods and places I so eagerly wanted to learn about and see.  It is now time to wonder and nourish my soul and that is ok.